Information Technology

One of Pi Managed Services primary offerings is IT. Our expert IT professionals would love to speak with you to learn about your cybersecurity, cloud services, backup & disaster recovery, and remote support needs. We’re equipped to manage IT for small to medium sized businesses.

Did you know that instead of hiring one internal IT person starting at $50,000 a year, with Pi Managed Services Provider you can contract our IT services starting at $1,000 a month? Our IT services include:

Security Awareness Training

Humans are your weakest security link. Our Security Awareness Training educates your employees on your company’s new security policies and the best practices in mitigating and responding to attacks.

Flexible Managed Solutions


We offer leading multilayered cybersecurity strategies and software so you stay ahead of data theft, phishing scams, and other emerging cyberattacks.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Our Dark Web monitoring platform provides the most validated credential exposure data available. Its sophisticated intelligence allows companies to focus on their business with peace of mind.

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Network & Server Security Infrastructure

We integrate next-gen firewalls, antimalware programs, and the latest intrusion prevention systems to monitor your network for any malicious activity.

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Cloud Services

We offer a full range of Cloud & Hosted Services, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, cloud, data backup and storage, and more. These services significantly reduce your hardware investment by keeping your critical resources at an offsite data center that is fully and independently managed. Since these services are delivered over the internet, your employees are able to work securely at any time, from anywhere, using any device.

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Local & Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery

VoIP Solutions

Cloud-based VoIP solutions streamlines Business processes and delivers anywhere and time access to VoIP access; home computers, and mobile devices, enables employees to work from home or office or while on the go.

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AI Antivirus

Next-Generation antivirus powered by AI intelligence; Utilization of cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence to proactively protect you, preventing threats like malware, hackers, viruses, ransomware, and malicious websites. It does this whilst being lightweight and easy to use; Traditional Antivirus typically uses a signature-based model, which is reliant on capturing new viruses in the wild and creating a master list of malware for users to download. This makes it especially vulnerable to zero-day attacks and modern threats which can alter themselves too quickly for signature updates to catch.

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Internet ISP Services

Managed internet service provides key benefits to our customers, synched download and upload speeds and better overall performance for all of your applications. Ultimately, these types of network solutions provide greater reliability, better security and improved customer service for higher performance throughout your workforce and operations.

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IoT Solutions

Real-time visibility into IT environments made simple; Protect your critical IT infrastructure through the power of the Cisco Meraki platform and simple-to-deploy Meraki MT sensors

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Customer Services

IT Remote Support Services

Customized to fit your business

IT Consulting

Serving you to navigate a complex IT world

Application Support

3rd party Application Assistance

Managing IT Vendor Relationships

Let us manage all your IT requirements